A colorful life!

What should I blog about?

So, you see me pop here and now but to tell you honestly – my blogging spirit has died down lately. Hehe. I don’t really like to blog about beauty stuff but it seems to be what sells today. LOL. I’d love to blog about technology but it seems like a tedious work, needs full details and money. I think I could blog about anime (I do have an anime blog). But then that would make all my blogs about anime and that would be stressful and boring. Ugh..

I wish blogging was easier as before. Today, since there is more competition, you’d really need to stay focused and you’d need to blog a lot. It’s probably just me but to me, blogging has become more like a job now rather than a sideline or just for fun thing XD

Reviews soon!

So, I remember blogging about that beauty regimen I tried lately. While I’m not your pro-beauty-blogger and not even a novice one I plan to post what I can say to those beauty products I tried and is currently trying. Yupyupyup! I at least do something with my face now in the morning. During night time however, I mostly don’t have the time but I always try to still accomplish it. Going to post reviews really soon! Bite me if I don’t =)

A long time

Hello! Guess who’s back? Hehe. Well, it’s been awhile. I kind of feel bad and that I’ve betrayed this blog. For awhile I have though of focusing on that new domain I bought last January. It was a second hand one (yep, they exist) and just awhile ago I had troubles with it. Ah, who cares now? It’s time to move on.

I got to admit, the thing is I find it hard to bring back so many things in this blog and my passion. It has definitely hid somewhere, I hope it hasn’t faded away yet and it’s just in invisible mode.

How about you? Do you feel like not blogging on your blog sometimes?