A dose of Itazura na Kiss!

Here’s that fashion/health post break I’m talking about. So, upon searching google my other blog’s domain I stumbled to this website: suki-desu.com/itazuranakiss/summaries.html

Itazura Na Kiss Summaries!

Itazura Na Kiss Summaries!

The website happens to be a fan site for the manga version, Itazura na Kiss of It Started with a Kiss starring Joe and Ariel (which is my favorite Korean drama!)

Unfortunately, the site only offers the manga summaries. I was able to read some with the help of Manga Rock which is an iOS Application but then the scans weren’t done or something. I guess I’ll read it when I’m done with these website madness!

On another note, I guess that’s why the owner is still keeping suki-desu.com. I currently own the .org extension 🙂

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