Rainbowdoll used to be a personal blog, after some time, it turned to a fashion blog – sadly, the owner couldn’t keep up since fashion wasn’t really her cup of coffee. So now, she’s trying to figure out what she can post about on this blog. Help (´。• ᵕ •。`)


My first blog was actually Blogspot powered, and I did try others too such as diaryland and the free version of WordPress.

However, some awesome people gave me a domain including hosting and helped me learn more with websites after some time in the ’08 blogosphere. It was at ilove-pink.info – a domain which I then owned from 2008 to 2017. I revived here because it was a pretty memorable blog to me. I decided to no longer renew the domain from last year though, as I focused more on other things – leaving only this, a couple of my personal domains and my hosting website’s domain.

And now here we are. 11 years later, still blogging although not like my younger self who blogs almost 24/7. I used to blog about my school life and love life, from what I remember. Right now though, there’s really not much to blog about other than my hobbies and games at this point since I’m not the traveller kind of person or the one who spews amazing information about lifestyle and fashion (I swear, I tried, but I think I can only live blogging about my personal thoughts, or maybe I’m just not open to it, ever) I can probably blog about food, but they always end up in my tummy before I even take a photo hehe :p

About Me and Blogging

I’m not really talkative or social in person, in fact I’m bad at it. However, me being quiet doesn’t mean I have nothing say – actually, there are a lot of it especially on nights I can’t sleep. But it’s hard for me to share them because I have this fear that what I have in mind won’t make sense to others..so I just blog it without thinking about others but only me (no one dare read anyway nowadays, because my blog content is not really the kind that goes viral or famous, lol and I wouldn’t want that too)

This blog, right now

Will be a blog about my hobbies (craft, miniature, anime and games, maybe film and music too) but I don’t update like it’s a diary because keeping up with the old laptop I am using is kind of hard. But, I try my best, okay?

[Edit] I will update for links later[/Edit]

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