Angry Birds!

I think EVERYONE already knows about ANGRY BIRDS.  They’re like gremlins. I mean, now they can be played in all gadgets – be it a mobile phone, smart phone, computer, tablet and etc.

Angry Birds!

If you have not tried it, be warned: It’s addictive. Even my dad got addicted to it. Haha, I was so happy for him that I bought it from Appstore (3 of its version, it has different versions). It has probably beaten Plants vs. Zombies record. Anyway, prior to this – you should watch T-Mobile’s commercial which features Angry Birds!

You’ll be hooked the moment you get to watch that, you’ll be like “How on Earth did they do those?”. I thought about trampolines connecticut when I saw how they did the commercial, more curious? Just search in Youtube now!

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