Aurislim Slimming Earrings

Apparently, there are what they call “slimming earrings” which is said to be used by famous Hollywood actresses. Also saw its reviews and so far, most of them were positive – is this for real or fad?

Aurislim Slimming Earrings

Aurislim Slimming Earrings

Boyfriend actually told me about it! Haha. He probably got those emails about it from Ensogo. He says he wants to buy me some, not that I’m still that fat but I guess partly because he is agitated of how I am not able to eat our favorite snacks like before. Often, I’d rather have them in tiny pieces which he hates. I still want to lose some weight even after losing about 11-12 of them already 😛 Hihi. More until I reach my 42 kg target 🙂

Needless to say, it’s kind of unbelievable. It is said that it’s with the help of pressure points somewhere in the ears that suppresses hunger, hastens metabolism and etc. I haven’t checked their main website but maybe later. Sounds too good? I know right!

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  1. really? This seems cool I’m not so sure if it would work though. I love how there are a lot of products marketed to people who want to lose weight. The things people think of and create is quite amusing. Hahaha. 

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