blogging with a headache, because, why not?

I woke up after a short fever but as usual I can’t go back to sleep. Still feel some headache but I thought of updating some of my sites’ (quick posts and also activated SSL on some) the soonest after some quick change I had to do with the nameservers of my web host.

That said, I’m going to mainly blog here and also renew this blog as usual :> I’m excited inside but I don’t want to be since I might end up ruining the fun again by leaving my ‘ideas’ hanging. Really, when you have waaay to many interests and hobbies it’s really hard, you can’t seem to aim well.

I remember blogging about coin collectors and how unimaginable how it was but here I am, other than collecting dusts on my blogs I am also collecting so many other things. Maybe, I should start blogging about that, for a start.

So, that’s my update for now. Ciao!

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