Blue Colored Nails

It has been my lifelong dream to be able to get nice fancy long nails. After 2-months something I was finally able to! l actually don’t like blue but, looking back, it was my 2nd favorite color after yellow when I was younger. It just all changed when I became that weird kid.

Blue Nails <3

Blue Nails <3

The nail polish I used is with a “Chic” brand

Chic {Blue}

Chic {Blue}

We had to do it in layers, letting it dry a little in the 1st layer and then the same until the 3rd layer. My nails were done by my boyfriend. I know it’s silly but he’s really persuasive on putting nail polish on me. Heehee.

Unfortunately, my nails are back to tiny ones. But they should be back again in another month or two.

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  1. Awww. Your boyfriend is so sweet. Teehee! I wish mine would also do the same thing. Hahaha! I’m obsessed with my nails. My close friends can easily know my mood even just by looking my nails. =)) Naked nails (no nail polish) signifies sadness/depression/meh hahahaha okay now I’m the one who’s silly. Anyway, I love the color of your nails. I wish I can pamper my nails soon… Huhuhu I’m so busy I don’t have a “me” time anymore. Your ring is so cuuuuute! I like it. I can’t stop looking at your nails, it looks clean and happy… mine looks asdfghjkl ugggh chipped nail polish. <///3

  2. Back then, I always make sure not to cut my nails too short because I want long and polished nails. But as I grew older, I realized I want them short and clean instead. 🙂 Your nails are cute! :3

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