Carrot Cake!

Hey everyone, it’s my uncle’s birthday today! Yay! He turns 23. Anyway, his girl friend asked me if I could buy the cake because she wants my uncle to be surprised and so I agreed. I also remembered about the “carrot cake”. Have you tried one?

The Carrot Cake

I got this image from Honestly, I hate carrots! Yeah, but when my mom took home a carrot cake from an event they had in their office I was like *w*. It’s really yummy, it does taste a bit like grass. But it’s really yummy so I hope you try one soon!

On my uncles birthday, I bought that mango cake that tasted like Tiramisu from Red Ribbon and also bought a mocha cake because it was only a half cake (we were told they were out of the full one). Then I also bought hershey ice cream and my it was all so yummy I was so full when I got home from the celebration.

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