What to do with your toothache?

Having a toothache isn’t very easy – it’s hard to think when your tooth hurts from time to time and you can’t eat properly. How do you cope up with it? Here are just a few solutions that can help:

1. Pain killers – Like headache, pain that you feel with your toothache can disappear instantly with pain killers like Ibuprofren. However, it is advised to take this only when you think the pain is no longer tolerable.

2. Sleep – Getting more sleep than usual help a lot in keeping up with the pain.

3. Cold Water – During this time, cold water really helps in easing the pain and they are advised to have when your tooth or teeth has bleeding.


Eating during toothaches are harder than usual, so it is advised to eat soft foods or have a soft diet. The more you eat hard foods the more stress there will be when chewing (thus, more pain) and we’d like that to be avoided.