I’m currently using Celeteque. I’ve been reading reviews about their other products lately actually so I was wondering if it was indeed good. This December, I started to have acne breakouts and it was unlikely me 🙁

So, I had to do something and yup that’s why I ended up using this. I have actually bought it months earlier December when I had a “few” zits. But at some point this January I had like 8 or more, it freaked me out since I was not used to having so many pimples!!



I’m not sure what triggered my acne break out although, according to my mom, it could be because of the weather. It could be because of stress to. Fortunately the breakout has stopped although I have tons of marks on my face because like I said, being not used to this kind of problem – I am the impatient one with zits. Well, I learned my lesson.

I even planned on seeing a dermatologist, scared that it could get worse or so. I still plan on doing so because I hate the marks 🙁 I miss my baby face lol! For now however, I’m currently using Maxi Peel ointments. Not sure how they’re called but I’ll probably post about them next time!

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