Choosing the right bag

If not jewelries, clothes and shoes – bags are a girl’s best friend. I remember accidentally watching Carmina Villaruel when she was going to guest on Gandang Gabi Vice and it did prove me this.

However, selecting bags aren’t as easy as it is (I guess for me?) if it’s that fashionable bag that you like. I pick out bags easily but I am very picky.

So, this one time, my mom had to take me to the mall because I needed a bag for my internship which she and her boss claim as presentable. I didn’t understand what they’re referring to or what its importance was but I remember these following points.

1. Durability – The leather bag is the best when it comes to durability, it must be thick to withstand rain storms (just in case) and also to protect your stuff inside from snatchers. I wonder if it would be cool if bags with alarms were invented. LOL.

2. Size – You must think of the important things you need to bring, if you’re going to bring a laptop or don’t really need it. It would make life so much easier because what’s the point of bringing a HUGE bag if you only bring your make-ups and papers.

3. Appearance (Color) – Neutral colors are great. If you plan to save, it’s okay to use the same bag but the bag that goes along with your outfit.

I’m familiarizing myself with bags as my only interest in bags are having kawaii bags lol, and I always prefer back packs than shoulder bags that most women like.


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