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So often, I wished I was able to take up Multimedia Arts and Design (or whatever it’s supposedly called). My first passion in the first place was designing websites.

But I took up IT since my family isn’t that great when it comes to financial terms. To take up such course we’d need hundreds of thousands of cash because its costly.

So many days I wished I was rich or I won the lottery. But I’m pretty cool with what I took up since it was also my interest, being the nerdy girl that I am.

Yet, there’s this part of me who wants to learn how to create logos and wonderful flyer prints. I’m still hoping there’s a school I can go to that doesn’t require too much tuition. Eh.

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  1. It does look good to have a degree in a field which you want to pursue. However, there are so many online resources that can help you learn design. I’m practicing web and graphic design without a degree. I’m freelancing now.. I’ve been picking up on building my clientele 🙂 I plan to go pro and open my own web and graphic design business next year, in 2013. Practice makes perfect! Feel free to keep in touch with me and I’ll root you on along the way! 🙂

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