Cute Cellphone Things!

Went to the mall last Tuesday – finally! My plan to go out on Monday was ruined because of Unionbank’s sloppyness. Oh well, at least I got my money. In fact I had problems with ATM machines when we got there, none would give out money lol. So we headed to the BPI Bank Centre of some sort near the mall. I bought some computer stuffs and also some cute stuffs just like this one!

Cute Cat Bag <3

Saw this bag @ Toy Kingdom (yeah we went there because I like toys. LOL jk because there were great stuff there we saw) for PHP 130 (actually, 129.75) then I also bought some cute pens because I’m a fan of those *w* but later I found out they were pencils -,- lol.

Aside from that I also bought a cute rubber for my Nokia X6 so now it looks even more better and I love it more because it looks GREEN!

My Two new Looked Cellphones <3

Yup accordingly, I also bought a new housing for my 5310 because the housing was already broken. But I forgot about its rubber, I’ll just buy one when I get funds again ^^,

Other than that I was supposed to buy a tripod from CD R but the lady said there weren’t any. And also the cute speakers but I realized it was USB powered (I don’t like that) so I didn’t buy anything from CDR! LOL


At the back

Lastly…my fave shot!


Because I love the designs and how green it is!<3

But I stopped by St. Francis and buy Sims 3 installer (which I will install later) then I also bought a TRIPOD finally from Daiso (the Japanese store). I’ll post about it on my next post!

OT: Will be changing the layout, then I will personalize it laturs with our logo <3


  1. the bag is kinda weird but that’s what makes it unique 🙂
    my papa also likes the color green. yey for your new phone’s housing :))

    i also want sims 3. but i dont think my netbook can handle it 🙁

    i will be waiting for the new layout :))

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