Etude House: Collagen Eye Patch

Lately, I’ve been browsing Etude House more often – started when Jean asked me to accompany her to the shop to buy nail polish. Everything in this shop looks fancy and pinky (girly, very) makes you want to buy everything. But the thing is, they’re also pricey and you wouldn’t really need all of them! I wanted to buy the fake nails since I detest nail polish (I really think rice would taste like nail polish if you use them, is that somehow true? Heehee, because I cook our rice and clean it by hand like old folks would) Anyway, I finally found what to buy next time I drop by there:

Eye Collagen

Eye Collagen

Because every blogger girl’s problem is the dark eye bags. I hate them >.< But for now, I shall do the natural way: cucumber therapy!

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