Eventually, things will get better:)

Thank you so much for all the comments and concern that you gave in my last post! I appreciate it so much. And, like you all said – things lightened up a bit.

I got accepted in a scholarship last week, the next day I posted my last post – it was like, so unexpected and unbelievable. I applied to that scholarship a month earlier and I thought I didn’t get in because my enrollment has already passed and originally, I was planning to pay for my tuition for my mom. But anyways, I still gave her the money I got – it’s like we didn’t pay anything at all anymore!

Christian isn’t enrolled yet though, but I’m still hoping he will be. He said it could be tomorrow, or this week. Let’s all hope so ^_^ it would be nice if he could graduate, not for me but for his family – I hope they manage to go through all the trials. God is always there, right? I know nothing bad will happen.

I feel like everyday keeps getting better. I guess, it’s just really up to you if you want to live to the fullest, problems are not to think of, they’re to solve and to make you more hardworking and inspired to do your best.

And I will, let’s all do…


  1. yay congrats on your scolarship!! 🙂

    Yes, just think positive and things will get better soon 🙂 I hope Christian will enroll soon too ^^

    Godbless to the both of you! 🙂

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