Excited for tomorrow!

I feel bad for not going to work for two consecutive days – sigh. And still, not being able to do my task at home. My colds and coughs were really killing me. I could only blog for now about that mishap. Anyway, for tomorrow I am really looking forward for only two things but big things.

  • Getting my MBA back, yes, after 2 long months at the Power Mac Store
  • Getting my lower braces (teeth)

I’ve forgotten how it feels to own a Mac, I mean those two months are no joke! It’s a good thing however I have my forever sidekick of all times, my Acer Aspire 1830T netbook. I guess it’s still no sturdy no matter how much fancy and pricy my Mac Book Air is. Or maybe Power Mac Store just suck. They always reply to your questions ONLY when you’re mad, seriously. That’s another post to make 😛

I guess it’s not just on how pricey something is that it means it’s of high quality. Sometimes its how the item is built. Just like with hand retractable plungers because choosing what type you need is not based on the price but on how it serves its purpose and how much hassle it can cause you 😛

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