Falling in love with dresses.

I’m the jean type of girl. I wear pants rather than skirts (but I do love skirts) but I recently bought some dresses from Ate Dha’s the Kerstin’s Closet (kerstinscloset.multiply.com) and finally I was able to wear the couple of the them! (I bought three)

Sexy Vest. ow really???

The Sexy vest is not for me. Haha not yet I believe. But it’s nice. It’s just that I wore it unplanned so I guess I didn’t like my getup for that day when we came to school for our grades (and went home with no grades lol) I wanted to wear my fave skirt with it but I was on a hurry and I also just picked up a t-shirt in my cabinet, a Tazmanian t-shirt. I recall it was given by my mom not so long time ago (2nd year hs?)

I love green <3

This is it! I really loved my new green dress then I paired it up with my bolero that I bought from Greenbelt that has frills/ruffles. And for the first time in my life I pose like this lol. As for the shoes, I think I’ll get new ones when I get funds lol. But it was my favorite outfit, of all my new getups <3

I will definitely buy more dress than pantsss. I feel more comfortable in them lately. I just hope I see online shops like Ate Dha’s, heh 😛 That aren’t so pricey. Well, til here!

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