Finally got my tripod!

I believe they call this thing “gorillapod”. After weeks and weeks of waiting because it came from Hongkong, Christian was finally able to claim it. We had to pay 40 PHP for some fees but it was okay. I thought my other package was already there too, I wonder when it will be here :/

Anyway, I still haven’t used it because I’m not in the mood to be a vaniac lately xD But I have lost weight! So maybe soon I will be taking pictures of ME and me and me. For now though I need to accomplish some online stuff to do :/

My Tripod!

Its three handles are bendable making it possible to be hanged on hard edges such as huge wood posts and such. I haven’t tried using it but hopefully, soon! Well, that’s a wrap for now. I’m so sleepy and my head hurts a lot whenever I’m in front of the laptop tsk.

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