For a decorative dining room!

Finally, I think mom has decided to put out our big dog. She was staying at home because of some “misunfortunate event” that happened last month.

She finally arranged the sofa as they should be! But I told her some outdoor lighting fixtures would really lighten up this place, especially our dining room. I saw some fancy ones online but I bet mom won’t buy my thoughts, it’s not bad to try though  – after all, she loves anything decorative for our house.

I bet we’ll have visitors coming in soon, not unless she plans to take the dog in again. I’ve been requesting her to get her out because she’s making it all hard to clean and organize the furniture, actually everything else!

I know with the right planning, right materials, we can make this a beautiful home even if it’s just small. We also need a few colorful designs, and our television sets are really messed up! I really like this contemporary pendant lighting too. It would look so awesome if we had one.

I hope mom will really do this, this time. She always end up being lazy. I don’t really pressure her much  – after all, she’s the one who is always tired from work and all. But it would be really nice if our house looked better, after all, we won’t stay here long so we mush cherish every moment of having a decent home.

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