Gifts made unique~

If I had the cash, I would splurge on my V-day gift for my special someone. But I don’t. But I hope I had. And if I had some, I’d probably get something unique, something totally HE’d love – personalized key chains!

Well this fits the category after he:

  • Has a motorcycle that he drives, hence, he has keys he brings around ALL the time
  • Personalized/customized stuffs are very thoughtful
  • It’d make him standout with its wonderful tiny designs.

And the list goes on! But I know mainly it fits the guys because majority has some key for their cars or whatnot, right? Not just significant others, but also, dads and grandparents! Thing of the possibilities.

But wait, even the girl friends and moms can have this as well – being, that they can be made unique and special to your liking or their liking. I’d like one filled with my anime favorites if I had the chance you know?

That said, don’t you just really think gifts made unique are perfect? Because, I think so and you should 😀

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