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I hate bitter people ~ those who can’t accept that people have their own ways in living and who thinks they’re the ‘know-it-all’ just because they’re filthy rich to buy drinks and smoke gross cigar that just smells really bad like their personality!

Don’t ya? I hate people who mask up their true faces through thick red lipsticks and make-ups that don’t even match their fugly faces. Who tell you mean things just because they’re so insecure that you’re younger than them and you know better, you knew better than they did. I hate those kinds of people who only know you when they’ve got something to ask for but then, when they don’t need anything you can’t even ask a single darn question 😛

So funny, yesterday, they would be these people who would beg for your attention when they needed your help. As you help them, they keep in mind that ‘i am only befriending this person because i am using her’

What a personality! I wouldn’t want to be with this kind of people, they’re a bunch of people who likes acting so cool with their exaggerated english words just to say they’re good in it for some reason they don’t even sound like humans. They think they’re so famous, and they think they’re the queens. I do know that they lack attention and  who claims they’ve become mature just because they’ve got jobs and all.

I have got to say this, I am very happy I don’t have such plastic person in my life anymore – I don’t want to be used by some evil-monster-who-thinks-he or she-knows-it-all and then after he or she becomes grandma/grandpa aged she starts acting like she’s so superior than you when yesterday she was a mere puppy asking for your freaking help. Go on, read my blog 🙂 I made this post especially for you.

And if you want some ‘peace’ try teaching that yourself first. For goodness sake, keep your thoughts to yourself if you think they’re cool they’re too selfish 🙂 You’re not entitled to tell people who they are and what they want to do in life, if you think you are so then let me entitle you the most sheepish girl in this world for claiming you’re humble (when you’re not even near the letter H) and for spending bucks over useless things, for claiming you are not spoiled when you actually are =))

You know what I like doing to these kind of people? Delete their files and replace them with junk files like how I see their inner souls 🙂 But I won’t be as evil as you are 😛 I don’t even like getting drunk ~ it’s such a waste of time when you can go home and help out your parents instead 🙂 Yknow? Don’t try so hard!:) And be careful 😛

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