Going to meet the dentist!

Ever since, I’ve always wanted to have braces although dentists I go to (whenever I get the chance) always say I don’t really need those because I have a well-and-healthy teeth. That’s pretty flattering but so often I feel I need it because I always feel like there are some stuff in between my teeth and my gums hurt a lot so often.

Actually these past few days they’ve been hurting bad but thank God the pain subsided, I’m scheduled for a dental check-up and cleaning this June 01, 2013 though and I’m excited! It’ll also be the day they’ll assess on what to do with the braces and stuff.

It would be hard on my pocket too but I know this is definitely worth it! After all, my teeth is the only thing I focus on paying money for. I want to do something with my hair but I often end up being lazy or so, likewise with my nails.

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