Grubby Hand’s Boy Loves Girl

Ever wonder how it feels to be a boy? I mean, to court and do everything for a girl? I imagined it would be easier but as it turns out it’s not. That’s what this game made me realize, other than having fun. I’m talking about Grubby Hand’s Boy Loves Girl.

Before we move on, did you know that Grubby Hands Ltd. is also celebrating their 1st Birthday? It’s on May 16th – just a few days away and they’ve got many surprises. Now first of all, I was informed by this cute game by Jodie Daly. Congratulations Grubby Hands Ltd. for your 1st birthday! Grubby Hands Ltd. is an independent U.K. company that develop games. Their website can be found at

Boy Loves Girl

Boy Loves Girl

Game Plot:

Boy Loves Girl centers on the story of a boy who is deeply in love with this girl. So, as usual what a boy does is to do all the things the girl want and give her what she likes. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as we all think it was. It somehow reflects to reality that girls do like things that are sometimes hard to get. Well, ever since I think it was that way!

Moving on, so the boy gets what she wants. But every time, she starts liking new things! Thus, the boy is given so many trials to surpass just to get her affection back.

Game Play:

Not much of a gamer anymore since I got tired of playing games on my iTouch 4th gen, but I did have fun with this game. It’s simple, just follow the instructions very well! There are times it was hard for me because I couldn’t get the instructions but basically, just do what you see in the pictures. The good thing I like about it is that you have infinite lives. So you can repeat over and over again. Like common games, it also has stages and you can go back at any stage if you wish to improve your score. Another thing I was fascinated was the flower mini game where you get to pick “She loves me” and “She loves me not”. It reminds me of child hood as a little girl with crushes during my grade school years.

Graphics and Background:

The background song is really playful! You won’t get bored even if you get stuck at some levels. I think it’s what actually keeps me from never giving up because it’s motivating. As for the graphics, it’s not as extravagant as those 3D games but it’s simply adorable especially of how clouds are drawn (see the picture above!)


For their first game released in iOS platform, I must say it’s pretty good. Little girls will especially like it and it’s something to play whenever you’re tired. And it’s inspiring because it proves to you how a person really works hard just to have your love. Imagine having to bring the moon around just for you. It’s not as annoying as the other games and it’s just light for the brains, you just need to follow given instructions carefully.

If you want to try as well, you can download Boy Loves Girl Lite and Boy Loves Girl in Appstore.

Watch out for their new game too: David Haye’s Knockout


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