How to Make Your Wedding Unique and Unforgettable


When people were polled about weddings they had attended, few could identify any special memorable features that made weddings they went to unique. Here is what to do to ensure that your wedding is absolutely unforgettable for you and your guests.
Planning early is always advised as waiting till the last minute to send out wedding invitations can be stressful. Deciding who you want to attend your wedding helps you plan your budget well which means having the proper number of seats and enough food and drink for your guests.

Flowers in a wedding can never be emphasized enough. Having a florist who is experienced in the arrangement of flowers and has a unique approach to color and design combinations will have people talking long after the wedding is over.

Your wedding day is special and vendors everywhere want to give you the best items based on your budget. Wedding stationery should be chosen with care and the quality should be examined in order to ensure beautiful wedding invitations. The wedding stationery chosen can give the invited guests an idea on what type of wedding you will have. A glossy and fancy print can tell them a lot about the personality of the couple who are going to marry and the taste they have. Make sure your save the date cards and order for service match the invitations in style and color combination.

To make your wedding unique, the bridesmaid can don a gown in a different color rather than the typical white dress. It would be refreshing to try ivory or gray gowns as long as they match the décor used. Your bridal party can ditch the traditional bridesmaids’ gowns and carrying of flowers for unique styles such as Indian saris or instead of bouquets, the bridal party can each wrap in a pashmina or carry umbrellas.

The bridesmaids can also walk down the aisle each with a poodle by their side and the men can walk up halfway to meet them. All in all, there are numerous ways to have the unique wedding of your dreams, the tip is to first visualize how you would want it and then go for it.

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