I don’t have to push myself

I am who I am, if THEY can’t appreciate who I am then I need not prove myself because I’ve proven who I am. They’re too blind to see ~ and that’s fine. Someday, they’ll be looking back wishing they had their eyes opened, because I’ll do better. Even better! Kyahh! Ok, I’m sleepy ~ I had another idea of layout for this blog, unfortunately, I suddenly felt sleepy.

I noticed Dango Daikazoku isn’t playing either, something must be wrong with singingbox = ( Hope it gets fixed soon. Life is so busy.


  1. Hi Nadine!ü how are you? Hope you still remember me.. Anyways, i do agree that you don’t have to push yourself just to be accepted by others, just be who you really are and everything will be fine.ü

    Btw, i also like Dango Daikozoku. Ü clannad was one of the heartfelting anime I’d ever watched *u*

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