I suddenly feel like making a layout!

For this blog <3 I’m not done with finishing Oh Rainbow Hosting though .GAHHH I feel so lazy you know? It’s not easy pushing yourself into doing something, not easy, especially to me.

Anyways what’s teh surprise I was talking about? Well, I think by this coming week the boyfriend will finally have a netbook of his own! Meaning, somebody will be able to help me with my online errands. It’s going to be easier for me and also we’ll be able to work on our thesis fast.

And it won’t always be me who’d have to bring the laptop all the time. I’m so happy for him. As for me, I wish I’ll be able to save enough to fix my old laptop and also pay the internet bill monthly! It’s a must! I will do my best to earn online, so I can help mom and also dad – I’m telling him to review games he has future in it since he’s almost 24/7 playing Xbox lol~

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