I want it all back.

Not the gloomy, so-panicky, self-conscious me. I need the careless, naive me who won’t care so much about things. Who doesn’t mind so much and who is ready to work hard to take on any challenge!

I guess I got tired, really too tired and cranky – of repetitive people, of clueless people who thinks they know everything then the patient me said “I am so tired of your freaking excuses, why can you not listen?”

But who cares. I don’t want to care for them anymore, that way, my life would not be so messed up. So what if your website’s down? It does not mean it’s the end of the world right? You oughtta have the responsibility to make back ups and everything, right?

So, what if you have that? I have so many things better than that! What if you’re rich? I am rich in knowledge and I don’t need to many fancy things just to get a life.

What if you hate me? Do you think I like you at all? What if you paid me and all? I know people who deserves right treatment, not those who treat me like I’m some kind of maid?

What if your project is delayed? Why should I care much? If you’re making me look for annoying logos that doesn’t really help me in learning anything other than how to get your eyes tired by staring at your computer 9 hours a day doing copy paste of images?


I have a life and I know mine is perfect, even without you all!

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