I’m a happy girl!

Before I start with the talking, I need to say, I almost forgot my password lol! Anyway, today is a very happy day. Happy day that I blogged in here. I can remember this same feeling when I bought this domain. Sorry I thought of throwing you away, but along with you are so much blessings.

School’s a bit hectic but soon I will fix everything, I’m doing it little by little. Owning tons of blogs is not easy you know, but little by little maybe I can improve management of time and so. Thesis is also bothering me, and I hope we pass it.

For another, today is like a dream come true by the way. I don’t want to say it yet but I will once it’s finally here. Here and on my other blogs. How happy i am. I hope this lasts, I hope there’s nothing bad that would happen after this. Thats totally unavoidable but I hope everything will be okay.

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