I’m quitting twitter…

Ok, let me guess your first impression when I say this “I don’t believe you!”, “Really? I bet you won’t!” “Any other blab, don’t be hurtful k?” But today, after having such a great time with my boyfriend I suddenly felt, like, outside the social networking webbie scene. And one of my favorites, twitter.

For one, I have lost my 25k and now they’re 900 something. I kinda feel pisse off, I did hear however though, that it will be fixed later or something. Don’t really care because I have another reason. Some of the people I missed before came back and while some others that I liked talking to before just, just don’t go online twitter anymore and if they are I can’t talk to some because…I don’t know. Haha. You wouldn’t get me. It’s just that, I feel like, something’s missing now. Something is empty, something(S) has changed. And I’m a scaredy cat to face the fact things change, and even I have changed I think but somehow here I am again trapped in the past remembering what changed. I might just tell someone about it though, I know she’ll keep my secret.

For the second reason (or third, rather) is because I think if I quit twitter, I might have more time to spend for work, studies, and uhm, Christian, other friends, other hobbies. I spend my day tweeting almost of the time having conversations with twitterers and somehow I now find it, I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I love all my twitter friends! But there’s just something..something..okay, let’s make it short! I need a break, that’s just it!

Haven’t declared whether I will quit Facebook-ing but I think I just might too, I’ve done it before if you ask me. Then I’ll just keep my Plurk too keep my 100 Karma Points 8D, and update it via texting and I guess my twitter account will be updated as well since it’s connected to my gladlycast account.

Just wanted to tell this out. I feel, it’s time.


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