In Reality.

In reality, I am sick right now and I should be resting. But here I am, blogging anyways. I just felt like it. But will probably rest after this. It’s just that, I wanna rant lol.

It’s this annoying OJT. I pictured myself before to be enjoying and having lots of fun during this time of my life. On the contrary, it made me more sick of the idea of getting a job – convincing me to do stuffs on my own rather than some company.

Thing is, I hate what we’re told to do there, really. I feel like the most worthless of them all no matter how much I know, I know. My OJTmates get to participate in exciting projects while I get to what..browse for free? Whut, download? LOL really. I was so engrossed when he told me to study HTML5, XHTML and CSS3 now we’re made to search stuff again for their project. At least my other OJTmate gets to participate in the Android project he’s given. Me? I don’t know, it’s like just because I belong to a school not known I am treated like shit.

Just..seriously, this is freaking tiring and sick. Makes me even more sick than I am, plus that I am sick of hosting problems of other people who treat me like I’m some maid who they can ask favors to do all the time.

Like honestly? I want to runaway and hide from them all and just do what makes me happy..which, I don’t even know anymore..

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