It’s not just raining!

Tutuban Mall (Divisoria) just got into a massive fire accident a few weeks ago that lasted for 19 hours or so. Isn’t it surprising? While everyone’s anticipating rainy weather, they were there in panic for quite some time because of the fire.

Firemen had a hard time with the lack of water even with their mighty firehose.

It goes to show that fire accidents can happen anytime and that we need to worry about fire accidents ANYTIME, it’s not just the rain we need to worry of right now.

If some of you aren’t familiar of the said place, it’s a mall within Divisoria that’s very much a hit especially during coming Christmas season.  So many loads of shopping goodies are at that place but I guess it lessened a bit during the fire accident. Hopefully, it won’t happen again – I haven’t even gotten there my whole life! Maybe, soon. I need some shopping tonic to relax lately.

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