iTunes Pre-Order Benefits

Hate waiting?

I think everyone does! Which was why when I heard about pre-order options for products I loved, I knew it was the best way to get the things I wanted to have…earlier.

This is the same case for being able to listen to your favorite songs or compositions earlier than their release date – thus, iTunes Pre-Order program. TuneCore artists can now let their fans purchase their album earlier with a more affordable price as well. This gives both fans and artists benefits that they’ll ever realize! Plus:

  • Marketing with Buy Link
  • Marketing Instant Gratification Tracks
  • iTunes Marketing
  • Pre-order pricing
  • Fans can get an Automatic Download

iTunes Pre-Order really have some advantages, and if you want to learn more how it works, you can do so in this article.



Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with TuneCore. All opinions are my own.


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