I’ve got something to blog!

I have to – because I haven’t blogged for reals. Oh by the way I’m so happy I finally met one of my online best friends Bebi Ayei! She’s so cute! She’s so nice! She’s sooooo talkative that you’ll never get bored, and she’ sooo friendly!!!! Amazing! It was my second time to meet from the online world but it never fails to make me feel happy :3 Bebigerl Ayei thank you again! Oh she brought my new drawing tablet too. I hope I met the rest of the Bebigerls <3 For sure we’ll have a great time!!!! I miss chatting with them.

So now, today has been really…pretty much the same. I just thought I’d blog. I woke up 9 am but I just spent my time on my laptop, Facebook, Twitter…as usual. Nothing really unusual /bored then I worked the rest of the day. I though I’d run out of thoughts. I computed that I must be able to make 5 articles that are 250 words each and then 20 others that are 125 words – I think I’ll manage. Hopefully. But who cares about that – I hope the rain goes awayyyy. Not that I hate the rain, but it gives me colds. So I hate it! Ahhh ZIOUOxz;lkz;l z _Z *w*

Anyway, I have a drawing blog!! With not much drawing — > DOODLEZ.INFO

I hope everyone had a great weekend!<3 Sorry for the crappy post xD I’m out of thoughts and words T_T


  1. weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! ahahahaha nakuh super me too bebi super saya ko nakita kita uu nga eh sayang wala sila..tau lang dalawa nagkita bohoo!! pero at least super saya natin ahahahahahaha chitchat to the max!!! wahahahahah thank you bebi coh sa treat na scramble muah!!! next time ako nmn taya!! and thank you also sa pagintay niyo sa akin ni Christian don’t worry hahanapin ko na yung papable ko WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!! para d na tayo mabasa sa ulan wahahahah *FEELER EH NOH!* btw ako rin..ahahahah bored much din bebi kaya gumawa layout pero maya drawing din ako ahahaha love your doodle site!! more to come! <3

  2. wow nagkita na ang bebi ko … kita pa kau ulit para saya tapos next year cross our fingers… hehehe mwahs wow doodle blog. jan ako walang talent

  3. woah..those are a lot of words sis huh.. O.o hehehe.. hanggang 150 words lng ata kaya ko..LOL.. 😀 anyways, you look soo pretty sa pic.. 😉

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