Jewelry for the Cat Lovers

So, while searching for someone who sells munchkin cats in the Philippines – I stumbled to a very lovely website that sells very unique rings. Rings that are meant for cat lovers like me.

The Gold Cat's Handmade Jewelry

The Gold Cat's Handmade Jewelry

Actually, looking at it you’ll find that it’s a google advertisement. And I must say, of all Google advertisement that I’ve seen this is the one I really will never forget because for one – this is those that are really great to know!

The shop has a variety of handmade jewelries (rings & necklaces) that are gold and silver costing from $90 and above. Kind of expensive I know, but you get what you pay for. I hope I get one as an engagement ring someday. It would be so nice!

I actually did browse eBay because perhaps there’s an alternative to it, I stumbled to one that is from Hongkong that only costs $0.99 with free shipping.


eBay's lovely cute and unique cat jewelry ring

eBay's lovely cute and unique cat jewelry ring

See – it’s actually a good find! It would take pretty long to get though. I’m planning to buy more than one and give some to my friends. It’s so cute! Then I also saw one that’s almost the same with thegoldcat’s except that they’re from UK and well I don’t think it’s a great idea to buy from a place that far from here.

For a girl who isn’t a fan of jewelries, I got to say – these ones will really make you want to be the contrary.

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