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I know this girl, well, she used to be very kind. She used to be someone I could easily get along with. For some reason, she was blown away by the wind. She became different, she became arrogant which is one attitude I really hate.

She claims she has “matured” and all, plus it’s because she’s not childish. Really? If you are really not childish, why criticize others? Because you’re rich?Because you’re older?Because you’re fluent in English?

Looking back, like these people you’re saying mean things against to – you were just like them. Not just because you have graduated and all, it entitles you to step on other people. Not just because you’re rich and you are given all the chance in the world to party all night and drunk doesn’t mean you’re cool – and so who don’t go out like that are losers.

Hello? Have you looked at yourself? It makes me disappointed of what you became. You’re now one of those “feeling” great people who looks up to themselves too much. And if you think “many people love you”, well think again. Probably, most of them are playing the mask game with you.

If you are too bitter, please do not blame unto others. If you are irritated, you should know that those people you’re irritated with is probably EVEN more irritated in your personality. Money, makeups and age doesn’t mean YOU KNOW IT ALL. You’re just beginning and I know, I know better than you. Maybe that’s why you wanted to keep away from me 😛

Well, good luck to you and to you’re so called life indeed 🙂

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