Just moved :)

I moved hosting yet again, this time however, I bought hosting from Hudson Valley Host. It isn’t my first time to buy hosting from them though – because I’ve had them before for my boyfriend’s website.

I must say, their service was actually good because one time, when there was a serious problem with my boyfriend’s website – when I had a chat with their online chat customer service it was immediately fixed!

I’ll be moving some sites to here as well I think, since I’m paying monthly, I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to host some important sites of mine. I’m glad the move/migration went smoothly! I still have to back up most of my websites though, I meant to back up monthly but always had to move my to-do because I always end up going out or getting lazy. Haha! Now, it’s Christmas vacation, can’t say I would do them since I feel like having a vacation rather than doing stuff online 😐

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