Killing time.

Well, here I am killing time. I have to wait for Christian before I leave the office. Their time ends at 5:30 PM. What a bummer. Often I really do wish we were just office-mates it would have made life easier. It’s partly my fault because I don’t know how to commute on my own (lame, I know)

Hello Kitty Clock

Killing Time!

Obviously, I am trying to kill time because I’ve got nothing to do at the moment (which isn’t so bad I guess, because I can blog? :P) We were also told we can already not attend tomorrow but I want to go to be still with Christian tomorrow and to add more hours for my OJT curriculum because I was absent for three days.

I was already done to the tasks assigned to me before I was absent since Thursday. I just turned in actually, being absent last Thursday and Friday as well.

I wonder how much more time until 6’oclock. This is too painful to think off, I don’t really find blogging or computer-ing as fun you know. I find it horrible nowadays, guess I am just really bored with the same old routine -,- I’m trying to lift my spirits up though!



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