Kurumi Hairstyle

So, I got hooked into this manga/anime called Kimi ni Todoke in influence of a friend. Anyway, I finished those! (in manga, in anime). Instead of focusing on the main character, Sawako, I focused on her rival though. She was named Kurumi. Thing is, her hairstyle is just cute! So, on one boring night I did it (around June).

Kurumi ~ me!

Kurumi ~ me!

Tadaa! Now, if only my hair was blonde. Hoho! Then I decided to look for an actual tutorial since nowadays, youtube videos are such a hit. I did find one!

This is pretty much what I did! So you can try it too. Sawako’s hairstyle is pretty much easy if you’re looking for that on the other hand. Video was not made by me~

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