Making up for the absence :S

Sorry for not posting here as much as compared to my other blog. I have been trying to post more about fashion and health but I’m not really a pro much so I figured I couldn’t keep up. Then again, I’ll still try!

I’ll take some break though. I’m still not finish with my personal blog. The actual layout is done but the other parts aren’t I still need to convert it too. Actually, I’m becoming lazy to finish it *~* Because of the latest page rank update, I’m a bit more motivated to work on my websites content :/

Well, silly me. Anyway, I’m going to work on my blogs’ plugins first. I’ve left them as they are and just been posting. Then after that said personal blog layout, I’ll be working on my websites’ templates as well. Gosh, I hope laziness or back pains won’t attack!  That’s my update for now 🙂

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