Here I am again, blabbing about nonsense and how I can’t sleep:)) Probably, it’s because I know I have my classes starting at 1PM. I need to memorize the Preamble but I’m lazy (knowing the fact it is still not required, I think so anyway) I hope I won’t be late because the tendency is that I’ll oversleep. I have to wake up early so we’ll be walking instead of commuting (every other day we walk to school)

Actually, I spent my money already #_# it was supposed to be for the smartLoad but the temptation is just so unavoidable for me :S Eeek. I bought a cork board. But I still didn’t put it in my room because when I got home I found out it was small. Pshh. And we also watched the Little Big Soldier , Jackie Chan‘s movie. The movie theatre in Lianas is kinda scary, at first it was only us in the movie theatre, do you know the feeling?:S I felt chills knowing we were the only ones there plus it was so cold!!!!!! I was both afraid for ghosts and that somebody might just attack us or something :/ But well, everything went okay half the movie, except for the aircon. The only good thing was that it only costs 80php per ticket, and if you bought 2 tickets you get free pop corn. Tsk3. Of course we bought two. Good thing we didn’t have our Software Engineering class. I’ve been wanting to try that movie theatre in Lianas, so now I know :)) I’m having second thoughts if I want to try watching there again. Well, if there’s a good movie. Little Big Soldier was okay. Jackie Chan‘s character is heroic. Fighting scenes aren’t much exciting though.

Little Big Soldier*

After watching, we went to Crossings because I was going to meet with my Online best bud Gracey to give her my DOMOKUN bag gift :3 and for me to get my VS perfume I bought from her. We then spent time going rounds in National Bookstore and I want to buy so many boooooks! But I was broke 🙁 Oh well, that’s when I bought the cork board. It was only what I could afford lol! :)) 100 php was the only bucks left in my wallet. I do have money to withdraw but I promised myself I would save, but then I wouldn’t be able t load up my smartLoad 🙁 Gee. I’m confused. When I got home I quickly changed my clothes and laid down on my bed, I fell asleep. I was going to use my laptop but my dad was using it. Pshh.

Oh well, I’m dropping entrecards now for my other blogs to earn traffic! Take care 🙂

I’ll prolly sleep by four or five? Haha. Good morning again.


  1. Loove this movie!~ Not onle because Im’a Jackie fan.. and the next I’m looking forward to is Karate Kid, =)).. I really do like this movie.. and it’s ending =(

  2. most of us is really broke. haha. youre not alone. 😛 haha. though sayang kasi small ung nabili mong cork board. haha. mejo disappointing.

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