Must Buy!

Me wants T3T

The picture above is one of the dresses/skirts/clothes I want to buy. But I am still planning to buy leggings or maybe a knee high compression stocking to pair up with my other recent clothes that I bought online since they’re mostly minis or short.

Isn’t it lovely? I just wish my Paypal funds from an employer will come soon. I really want to buy stuffs soon but they’re pretty expensive compared to the last shopping I made, but then they’re worth it because the designs are really lovely and unique! That one above, resembles what Chii of Chobits wore which is really awesome for me. I just hope there’s pink or light brown available which I prefer because that one above makes me look like EMO. LOL.

I’m also hunting down cute leggings and knee high compression stocking because they can be good pair ups with skirts and dresses. I saw some that have really nice designs, well, I hope to get my hands on one too! How about you? You know knee high compression stocking is great because you can pair it up with almost anything! You can even pair it up with scrubs and other working clothes. So for a working girl, it’s a must! 😛

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