My Beloved Earrings

A girl keeps special accessories given by their special someone. And these are mine.

Earrings of Love, background is The Vow book = <3

Earrings of Love, background is The Vow book = <3

7 earrings – Happens to be our number and I was very lucky I found these earrings and I remember they only cost 60 PHP from a local store called Zulit near our mall.

N earrings – They were bought at Lianas , along with my favorite Hello Kitty earrings (but one was now lost) and they only cost me 60-80 PHP. Bought because my name starts with “N” of course.

All of these were bought by the guy. Heehee. The background is neat isn’t it? Also the miniature rose was made by the guy. I just felt like including that in the picture.

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