My favorite outfit =)

Sailor Skirt

Fave outfit =)

So! That’s me =) Honestly, I’m no expert in fashion at all. Mainly because I don’t go shopping for clothes as much (my money always end up spent on hosting, domains, gadgets and all virtual stuff; if not – I spend them on kawaii stuffs such as cell charms, stationery, stickers and etc). And, the last time I did go for shopping for shoes – I bought lots yet none of these shoes lasted even a week lol. Of course, I don’t go shopping because, my money, isn’t as much for shopping clothes. I don’t want to ask ze parents for cloth shopping too it’d be wasteful of money in my point of view :P

Despite that fact, I do want to dress up. In particular, my favorite type of outfit is when I am wearing skirts. I dunno how they call skirts like that above, I call it “sailor skirt“  because my mom calls me “sailor moon” (from the anime) whenever I wear it.

I find it easier to move with it, I don’t like fancy kinds of clothes. Along with it of course I make sure I wear cycling shorts. I’m no fashion blogger but somehow, I think it’s becoming “in” these days…I hope I won’t have to be one :( But it seems like I’m left with no choice.

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