My Last Dental Checkup!

Last Wednesday, I went with mom to her office because of my annual checkup and also my dental checkup – plus because she asked for a little help with their Halloween event there.

Smile smile smile!

The image above was found through master Google! But anyway, when I talked to the dentist at iCare, he told me that my teeth was almost perfect. I was so shocked! With the past dentists I ran to during my teeth problem, I was told I had to undergo operation and stuff. Good thing we didn’t listen to that money grabber dentist.

Anyway, like I said he said my teeth was okay except for one tooth which had been there since I was a kid – meaning to say, it was there ever since I was born! Now we all know every tooth must be replaced on our way to growing up, but one of my teeth decided to stay lol.

He also told me and my mom that I need not have braces in fact – if I would, I’d only get some of the upper part because of that one piece of tooth.

Moving on, he also told me my case of teeth problem is called “dental” and that last time, I may have gone some “hormonal gingivitis” which all the dentists I approached missed telling me (or did not know of?)

Anyway, my teeth cleaning was cool plus he suggested a better toothpaste that might be more suitable for my teeth plus cheaper for my current tooth paste. He knows a lot with that toothpaste brands I tell you! He must have more than just the regular wholesale dental supplies, eh!

I still haven’t changed toothpastes and toothbrush but maybe when I get to the grocery. Nothing much has changed with my teeth, except that evil black stuffs are gone 😛 After my annual check-up and also my dentail checkup, I ate my heart out with chocolate candies lol.

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