My new collection!

My DIY miniature room projects have been put on hold (as well as, blogging here, again.) because I don’t like working without a proper workspace for that (//_\\) But I keep myself busy lately with playing Tamagotchi, yeah, that’s right the egg-like-virtual-pet that was so in trend during 90’s. I got myself another colored one last end of February/1st week of March I think and I got in reaaaally deep into getting more of them so, I’ll just leave this here.

naotchi's tamagotchi collection

naotchi’s tamagotchi collection

Yep, after the 2nd colored Tamagotchi ID (green) it was followed by two Tamagotchi 4us and then two other Tamagotchi P’s. Now there are three’s of each (except ID) and I also got an IDL. I didn’t really know about the models and whatnots before, but after finding more about them and the connection perks, I had to know! Haha it’s fun 🙂 I just hope I get to survive raising them all at the same time! LOL.

I have some classic ones too (black and white, v1-v4.5) but I haven’t take na good picture of them, or probably have them over my hard drive and still unedited. I even bought a special fancy rug just for taking pictures of them! Haha.

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