My wishes!

I’m planning to buy a Nokia X5 out of my earnings online however I’m having second thoughts because if I could wait a little more, I might be able to buy my dream laptop which is worth 50k. I want an i7 laptop actually, now that I thought about it – I do have a project to do (a website) that gives me half of the price for that, but I still haven’t done it. I wonder if my writing job in Odesk is still available too *_*

Other than that, I also want a new computer. I mean, after all, Desktop is still way different than laptop and then so is netbook. I’m thinking of purchasing some stuff through PC Tools because we have a desktop already, but it needs a lot of improvement like the RAM, it’s only 512. Plus its DVD drive is not working, it won’t read DVDs. It would be cool to upgrade its storage as well.

Well, obviously, I have tons of wishes. Most of them, related to gadgets and computers. I don’t know what makes me so interested in technology. But I do know I’m not alone because there are computer geeks out there who has even more wishes regarding computers and the likes.

I hope I get a computer soon! The next problem after that is where to place it with our little home. Hah! But definitely, given the chance I will get one with kick-ass specs! I know you will too. Well, that’s a wrap!

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