Nail Polish Shopping at Etude House

And so, finally, I bought some stuff from Etude House! Yey! However, up to this point I haven’t used them yet. Okay, I tried so but I’m still no good in putting on nail polish. Huhuhu.

Moving on, I purchased these cute pastel nail polish Petit Darling Nails PK003Petit Daring BL501 and I don’t know the other one because suddenly images won’t load in their website (I browsed the names)

from Etude House, Sm Megamall

from Etude House, Sm Megamall

Aren’t they so girly? I’m going to practice more and hopefully be doing some art. I just bought a nail art salon kit from eBay but I don’t think it will be with me anytime soon, maybe next week 😉 I also saw their Nail Art Pen #2 which I haven’t checked but will next time 😉 Oh, it’s July already in a few days. So fast!

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