New prescription eyeglasses for me!

Last year, I was so fortunate for to receive free eyeglasses for review purposes, I got about 5 but 7 in total because I also got some for my mom and my boyfriend. But boy, I can’t forget the horror I had to go through because of our ever awesome Philippine Customs. I already wanted to forget it so I didn’t post about that trouble with them.

Going back with those eyeglasses I got, I use them up to this day for work, when watching movies (I can’t see so much anymore without them even with a huge lcd tv :c) and when going outside (can’t read menus when at the mall! Sigh!)

After seeing these kids prescription eyeglasses, I feel kind of envious! I want new prescription eyeglasses because I feel like my eyes are becoming worse since I’m in front of my pc/computer most of the time.

Must get new prescription eyeglasses!!!

Must get new prescription eyeglasses!!!

It may not be now but I’m hoping I can have some budget for it this coming Christmas, I’d like my new prescription eyeglasses to be unique too! I just hope it won’t be too costly 🙁


  1. i also need a replacement on my bifocals, it seems not fit anymore, i keep on blinking my eye at times i am already consuming 4 hours or more infront of the computer

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