Oh, cutey!

I remember, this site’s old tagline “in the cute zone” because today, I will talk about Cutey! It’s an online store of bracelets and charms in U.K.

Anyway, I recently got them from sweet Ashley from Cutey. She’s really kind! I got myself eight bracelets. Isn’t that just fab? Now I don’t have to worry about accessories :”>

Moving on, let me tell you a little about Cutey. Cutey is just a starting company that was founded last year, 2011. Their specialty are these cute charms and bracelets that women and girls can wear with their everyday outfit – office outfit, school uniform, you name it!

Let me show you some of them, these charms are called “Oneroi“. It’s a bracelet with very colorful designs which is really nice for a rainbow girl like me. Heehee.

Oneroi from Cutey

Oneroi from Cutey

Quick Overview
A star, a heart and petals, Oneiroi holds your imagination and lets you reflect on your dreams. Calming greens and pinks provide a restful focus and the central bead is wonderful to roll and spin. Think gently, dream big…

Oneroi Charm bracelets are fun and experimental, fresh and dreamy, full of excitement and color. The green bead at the center is like the center of gravity and balance in a dreamy state!

I also had another variant of this, I’m not sure if it’s another Oneroi or Eros which is another type of their charm.

Another one!

Another one!

I must say, these Cutey charms are not just so-so! In fact, they’re of high quality compared to those charms I usually see. If I were you I’ll check their website now ^u^


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