Oh no!

I haven’t updated so my Alexa Rank is sort of hiking up, I haven’t updated my other blogs too *_* I’m such a sucker. But I’m doing things little by little, I will be hiring someone to assist me into this stuff because school starts in a week. When you got tons of websites + hosting company to run + money making jobs it isn’t easy but it’s totally worth it because I learn new things, meet new people in the process!

On another note, you must be thinking “where is the fashion blog you’re talking about?” Well, I decided to make this some random blog (like I always do with my blogs) because I couldn’t keep up with fashion things. First, I am not into fashion, I don’t like makeups. But soon I will try my best concerning that since I was told I would be needing that for OJT lol~

Well, that’s for now 🙂

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